North Nibley Parish Council Vacancy

Following the relocation from the Parish of a Councillor North Nibley Parish Council has a vacancy.

The Parish Council meet on the first Monday of each month plus two other meetings during the year.

To be eligible as a Parish Councillor, you have to either:

Live in the Parish

Work in the Parish

Have land in the Parish

Live 3 miles from the Parish


See your community change for the better, as a result of decisions you have helped make.

What Qualities do I need?

An interest in the community that I live in.

To be approachable and work as part of a team.

Ability and willingness to undertake relevant training.

We would particularly welcome applications from someone who has an interest in developing the presence of the council within the community through modern media channels.

Applications by post or email to Elizabeth Oakley, Clerk, North Nibley Parish Council, c/o 6 Rosebery Mount, Dursley, GL11 4PR,

Closing Date 31st December 2017


Grant Applications

The Parish Council has revised its grant application process for the 2018 round of grant applications. A copy of the new application form is now uploaded to this website.

The deadline for the receipt of applications is the last day of January 2018. Applications will be considered at the March 2018 Council meeting. 


Building Works for Cemetery Improvements

Building work has been taking place in the cemetery on Wotton Road to double the size of the memorial garden. Work has also been taking place at the same time to improve the condition of the paths running through the cemetery.

Whilst much of the major work is now completed, some small works continue in the area. The Parish Council requests that visitors take care when visiting the cemetery and memorial garden during the period of the works.


Speed Awareness Training

The first training session was held on the 9th July.

A second training session was held on the 22nd July.

In all 6 new volunteers have now been signed off as successfully completing the training for the new Gloucestershire speed awareness scheme. Thank you to those taking part.

There maybe further opportunities later in the year for training subject to interest and the availability of the trainer.

Annual Parish Meeting and Annual Report.

The Parish Council held its Annual Meeting on the 3rd April and presented its Annual Report. This is a summary of the previous year's activities and financial summary. Additionally an outline of plans for the following year.

New Website

Feedback on the new Parish Council website has been good. The Clerk receives monthly reports on overall website usage. This shows visitor numbers have  increased during July 2017.  

To include forthcoming community events as a listing on the Parish council website please contact the Clerk in the first instance.

Transparency rules

New Parish Council websites are required to meet special Transparency rules by the end of March 2017. This involves the uploading of key information concerning the Council activities, policies and finances. The benefits to the community are greater access to Council information and activities. This process is also important in the lead up to changes in the External Audit procedures next year which will rely on more detailed information becoming available on Council websites. Contact the Clerk for further information.

Light on the fields at North Nibley

North Nibley is an attractive village on the edge of the Cotswolds located close to the river Severn between Bristol and Gloucester. Its name means a farm or settlement on a hilltop. The first record is in the register known as Cartularium Saxonicum in 940 AD as 'hnibban lege'. The village is of considerable antiquity and was formerly famed for the manufacture of woollen cloth. For more information click the following link A Brief History of North Nibley

Map of the Parish and Boundary

What's On - let us know about your local events. Subject to web space the Clerk will upload details.


The Jubilee Recreation Field, The Street, North Nibley

"The Recreation Field is owned by the Parish Council and managed by the North Nibley Recreation Field Trust. The Field was opened in June 2002 and has been developed as a sports field accommodating football and cricket fields. The Field is also used by pupils of the adjoining Village School and is currently leased to the Trust through a 25 year lease from June 2007. In 2010 the Trust erected a sports pavilion, jointly funded by the Trust, (through money raised by them) and the Parish Council".
Liz Oakley
North Nibley

Tyndale Monument150th celebrations
for the
Tyndale Monument
October 2016


Valley in Autum

The Chantry

North Nibley area with Tyndale monument included

Village flowers  Barrs Lane August  2016 by Elizabeth Oakley

Tyndale Monument in high summer.


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