The Parish Council of North Nibley own the following assets:-

The Parish Council of North Nibley own the following assets:-

1.       Two adjacent parcels of land on Nibley Knoll, one of four acres numbered 194 on the 1867 Land Enclosure Map for the Parish and marked by boundary stones engraved NNP; the other of two acres within the quarry numbered 195, on the same map.  Both parcels of the land were registered with HM Land Registry (Title number GR339680) on 23 November 2009.

2.       Two parcels of land next to Wotton Road, leading out of North Nibley Village.  One being the Cemetery of approximately one acre and numbered 456 on the 1929 Ordnance Survey map and the other a triangular piece squaring off the area out of field numbered 455.  Both parcels are registered with HM Land Registry (Title number GR250026).

3.       A parcel of land known as the Jubilee Playing Field bordering The Street, Lower house Lane and The School premises and registered at HM Land Registry (Title number GR235429).

4.       North Nibley United Charity is administered by the Clerk on behalf of the Council.  The balance stands at £204.53 after various property owners had paid off their obligations some years ago.  The only contributors left are whoever owns Crowell Brook Mill @ £2.50 per annum; and whoever owns Burleigh Court @ 80p per annum.

5.       Equipment owned by the Council and purchased for the purposes of Council business to include a defibrillator for community benefit purchased in the financial year 2015/16 which totals £1,000 and is installed outside the Village Hall, North Nibley.




Approved by the Parish Council on the 5th June 2017.




Parish of North Nibley: Assets Register.

1.           Two adjacent parcels of land on Nibley Knoll, namely:-

     1a. The Quarry on Nibley Knoll.  The first reference of this is in the Enclosure Map and Register for the Parish of North Nibley.  This is held at the Gloucestershire Records Office in Document Q/RI 106 of the Parish Register P230a.   Josiah Costree records on the 6th of June 1867 that “I declare and I have set out and hereby allot and award unto the Wotton under Edge Highway District Board, of which the parish of North Nibley is part and their successors for ever, all that piece of land on Nibley Knoll numbered 195 on the said map part 1 and containing by admeasurement two acres.  (See tracing from the above map Appendix 1.)  And I direct that such allotment piece or parcel of ground shall be appropriated and used as a public quarry for supplying stone and gravel for the repairs of the roads and ways within the said parish”.

The next reference comes in the Parish Council Minutes of 24 January 1898 which are to be found in the Parish Council Minute Book 1894 to 1912- document no. P230a PCI/1, also at the Gloucestershire Records Office.  They record a letter from the Dursley Rural District Council to the effect that the WuE Highways Board are refusing to fence the quarry.  This is followed by a reference to a letter from the Highways Board offering to surrender their rights to the quarry to the Parish Council in consideration of the Council agreeing to fence it.

On 27 September 1898 the Minutes of the Parish Council record that the quarry has been fenced at a cost of six pounds, nineteen shillings and four pence.

In April and May of 1902 a Mr Wyatt was given permission to get building stone from the quarry at a rate of one shilling per load of building stone and six pence per load of rubble.


1b. “The Recreation Ground” comprising of four acres and marked by boundary stones each engraved NNP. Josiah Costree also records on the 6th of June 1867 that “I have also set out and allot and award unto church wardens and overseers of the poor of the said parish of North Nibley all that piece of land numbered 1294 on the said map part 1 containing by admeasurement 4 acres to be held by them and their successors in trust, as a place of exercise and recreation for the inhabitants of the said parish and neighbourhood.  And I direct that the fences on the North, North East and South East of such allotment shall from time to time be repaired and maintained at the expense of church wardens and overseers of the poor for the time being”.  (See Appendix 1 tracing from the Enclosure Map.)

A further reference is in the Parish Council Minutes document reference P230a PC1/1 1894 to 1912.  On April 16 1895 the minutes record that the Parish Council has superseded the Church Wardens and Overseers of the poor.

There are further references to the “Recreation Ground” through 1897 and 1898 relating to fencing the quarry and a comment on the 24 March 1898 to the effect that the landmarks on the Recreation Ground had disappeared.

During tentative negotiations to purchase the remainder of the land on Nibley Knoll from Mr Mason of Forthay Farm, North Nibley, his land agents showed that he owned the area surrounding the above two parcels and also showed part of the Quarry and the Recreation Ground as one parcel of 5.88 acres.  (See Appendix 2.)

The land was let on a grazing license at an annual cost of £60 to Mr Mason of Forthay Farm, North Nibley until 2011, when he didn’t renew the license.

Both parcels of the land were registered with HM Land Registry (Title number GR339680) on 23 November 2009.


2.         The Cemetery and its Extension.

Reference the Parish Council Minutes held at Gloucestershire Records Office. Document number P230a PC1/1.   Notice was given to the Parish Council on 11 January 1906 that the burial ground at St Martin’s Church would be closed as from 30 June 1906.

The Records in the care of the Parish Council contain a Deed of Gift on the 11th October 1907 from Colonel WFN Noel to the Dursley Rural District Council of a plot number 456.  There was a covenant on this land that the Council should erect a suitable wall or fence of stone, brick or iron-not spiked or barbed and of a height not less than four feet around the property.  This area is shown as plot 456 on the 1929 Ordnance Survey Map and to be 1.001 of an acre.  (See Appendix 4.)

In the Parish Council Minutes of 16 May 1957 (document P230a PC1/4 at the Gloucestershire Records Office) “Mr Eley kindly offered to give a piece of land to extend the Cemetery.  This offer was greatly appreciated and members of the committee thanked him for his generosity.  This would mean altering the Public Footpath slightly but this would not provide difficulty”.  On 17 February 1960 the Minutes record “Mr Eley informed the committee that the land he had set aside for the enlargement of the Cemetery had now been legally transacted and shown on the map of Nibley House”.  The conveyance is contained in Parish records.  There are two covenants in the deed of gift.  One to allow the Eley family to graze and cut any trees free of rent and to be given 6 months notice of possession; and the second as follows: That the Council will upon the property hereby conveyed being taken into the said cemetery forthwith erect and forever thereafter maintain a good and sufficient stockproof  fence between the points marked A and B on the said plan.  (See Appendix 5.)  Where the extension is estimated to be approximately a quarter of an acre.

Subsequently Dursley District Council was absorbed into Stroud District Council.  Subsequent to this the Stroud District Council registered the two plots of land, namely the Cemetery and the extension on the 13 June 2002, in the name of North Nibley Parish Council.  Title number GR250026.  The Parish Council paid a nominal five pounds for the plots on 21 May 2002.

3.         The Jubilee Playing Field.

The freehold was transferred to the Parish Council on 25 January 2001, by Mr DC and Mrs S Stokes. 

 The land was registered with HM Land Registry (Title number GR235429) and the area is shown on the plan as 4.86 acres. (See Appendix 6). 

There is a covenant recorded in the Land certificate prohibiting any building on the land or any obstruction that shall affect or obstruct the view from the properties immediately on the opposite side of The Street. This was amended in 2009.

In June 2007 the Parish Council agreed a ten year lease with the North Nibley Recreation Field Trust for the Jubilee Playing Field at a pepper corn rent of £1 pa for the first 5 years.  On 30 July 2007 the Trust was Incorporated into “A Private Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having a Share Capital”.  (Company Number 6328071).

In 2009 the North Nibley Recreation Field Trust decided to erect a sports pavilion on the land.  Their decision was subject to Planning Permission and changes being granted to the covenant on the land.  The Parish Council approved and part funded the changes to the covenant which enabled the pavilion to be built. 

At their June 2009 Meeting the Council agreed in principle to support The Recreation Trust by taking a loan to part fund the completion of a wooden pavilion and its contents on the Recreation Field.  (Minute 8/06/2009).  The North Nibley Recreation Field Trust successfully applied for Planning Permission which was finally granted on 22 June 2009.

At the Council’s November 2009 Meeting (Minute 8/11/2009) “it was agreed that the Council should apply for a £35,000 loan over a 30 year period from the Public Works Loan Board to part fund the purchase and construction of the pavilion”.  The pavilion was completed and opened in October 2010.

Other assets.

(1)  Asus Laptop computer (Model A54C) purchased in March 2012;

(2)   Optima Projector (Model ES551) (Serial no. FPC3151ABBAAC0724) purchased in March 2012  cost  of (1) & (2) £ 959;

(3)   Texet A4 Personal Laminator (LMA4-V).  purchased in April 2012      cost £17;

(4)  HP Printer (Model Deskjet 3050A) (Serial no. CN22K530FF) purchased in May 2012, cost £43;

(5)   Speedar speed camera (Model SR1) (Serial no. 2721) and tripod purchased in June 2017, cost £1,296;



Light on the fields at North Nibley