The Parish Council of North Nibley own the following assets:- (Updated August 2016)

  1. Two adjacent parcels of land on Nibley Knoll, one of four acres numbered 194 on the 1867 Land Enclosure Map for the Parish and marked by boundary stones engraved NNP; the other of two acres within the quarry numbered 195, on the same map. Both parcels of the land were registered with HM Land Registry (Title number GR339680) on 23 November 2009.
  2. Two parcels of land next to Wotton Road, leading out of North Nibley Village. One being the Cemetery of approximately one acre and numbered 456 on the 1929 Ordnance Survey map and the other a triangular piece squaring off the area out of field numbered 455. Both parcels are registered with HM Land Registry (Title number GR250026).
  3. A parcel of land known as the Jubilee Playing Field bordering The Street, Lower house Lane and The School premises and registered at HM Land Registry (Title number GR235429).
  4. North Nibley United Charity is administered by the Clerk on behalf of the Council. The balance stands at £204.53 after various property owners had paid off their obligations some years ago. The only contributors left are whoever owns Crowell Brook Mill @ £2.50 per annum; and whoever owns Burleigh Court @ 80p per annum.
  5. Equipment owned by the Council and purchased for the purposes of Council business.

Agreed by the Parish Council on 5 September 2016

Signed: Dave Purnell, Chairman

Light on the fields at North Nibley

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